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Overnight Camping Trips White River AR

Overnight Camping Trips

White River Overnight Camping Trips
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Overnight Camping Trips in and near White River Arkansas

Overnight Camping Trips in White River

Many of our clients put their vacation totally in our hands by booking an overnight camp trip. With this package, we not only take you fishing, but also rent a cabin for you on the bank of the White River. We take care of all your vacation needs, including meals. On the first day of your vacation, we'll take you and your family down the White River in the largest, most comfortable and safest boats on the river. Our boats are 25 percent larger and five feet longer than average to give your family plenty of room and comfort. After a half day of fishing, we pull up on the bank to prepare for lunch. A regular sandwich lunch comes is included in the trip price. We'll cook some of your morning catch, (along with a meat of your choice if you don't eat fish), baked beans and french fries with onions. We'll also serve drinks and desserts, then get back on the water to catch more memories. At the end of your first day, we will pull in to the campsite - a cabin on the river. After you shower and relax, you'll find your chef has prepared a cheese and appetizer tray, and you can watch him prepare your porterhouse steak with all the trimmings. After supper, guests can play horseshoes or just relax and reflect. If you're fishing the following day, breakfast will consist of bacon, sausage, ham, eggs, pancakes, coffee, juice, milk and fruit, followed by more fishing with different scenery. Some of our customers have been going on camp trips with us for more than 30 years, so we feel like we have perfected the experience.

Arkansas White River Trout Fishing
Arkansas White River Trout Fishing
Arkansas White River Trout Fishing

Our boats are bigger, safer and more comfortable!

Overnight Camping Trips White River AR
White River Family Fishing
White River Overnight Camping Trips
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